SAP Assessment

SAP Assessment in Carshalton, Sutton, Redhill, Epsom, Leatherhead, Kingston, Tooting, Surrey and Surrounding Areas.


More commonly referred to as SAP Assessment these are required for all new build or conversion properties as well as some domestic extensions. The Property Assessment Company can take care of all your SAP requirements including the following:

  • Design stage compliance documents for building control
  • Predicted Energy Performance Certificate
  • Overheating calculations
  • As built compliance documents for building control
  • As built Energy Performance Certificate
We take great pride in making sure every job we do is completed accurately and in line with the latest conventions. We are happy to help and advise our clients at all stages of the SAP process and will always offer suggestions where improvements can be made.

The Domestic On-Construction Energy SAP Assessment process

A DOCEA is required by building control in order to sign off a development as complete. More commonly referred to as SAP, quite often is only considered as a project reaches the final stages of construction but actually, most of the work for a SAP should take place before building work begins. 

The purpose of SAP is to predict the energy efficiency of the new dwelling at the design stage, suggest improvement measures that would improve the energy efficiency of the proposed dwelling and produce As-built documents that reflect the true efficiency of the dwelling once it is complete. 

When the design and proposed construction of the dwelling has been agreed, the first stage of the SAP process can be completed. The assessor will be able to produce documents to show whether the designed dwelling meets the required energy efficiency standard. If the required standard is met, building work can commence following the initial dwelling design, however, if the dwelling does not meet the standard, modifications will be required to the design to improve the efficiency of the building. 

Improvements can be made in many ways and the first place to start will be the fabric of the design. Once building design meets the required efficiency standards, construction can start according to the modified design. 

During the construction of the dwelling the SAP assessor should be kept informed if any changes are made to the design and the specified materials. The assessor will be able to model the actual materials used during construction and ensure that the required efficiency will still be achieved with the substituted products. Once the construction of the dwelling is complete, the As-built documents are created along with the Energy Performance Certificate for the dwelling.